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Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Historical Society Stewardship of the Benjamin Long Homestead.

LEFT: Strolling along East Niagara St. in 1891. On the right is the addition Benjamin Long built in the mid 1830’s after the birth of his 6th child & only son, Benjamin, Jr. The addition was demolished by the early 1900’s & no trace of it remains.

RIGHT: Taken in the early 1900’s, this photo accurately reflects the bustling area at the confluence of the Erie Canal & Ellicott Creek. On the left is a barn, behind another business. The gentleman is thought to be William Woods, owner of the Homestead at that time.

LEFT: This circa 1940s photo shows the concrete support necessitated by the installation of the adjacent window. The logs began to buckle, hence the need for the support

RIGHT: Jay’s Log cabin was a popular local watering hole in the 1970s. If you look carefully at the lower right, you will notice that today’s gift shop entrance was originally a basement window.










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