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April 2019 Program

Nikola Tesla: The Man—The Inventor
Wednesday, April 10, 2019
North Tonawanda City Hall – Council Chambers
216 Payne Avenue

Dr. Francis Lestingi, Professor Emeritus in History of Science and Physics, SUNY Buffalo State College presented a dynamically illustrated projection lecture on Nikola Tesla. We found out how Tesla electrified our civilization in 1897 when he figured out how to use alternating current to transmit hydroelectric power from Niagara Falls to Buffalo. We learned about Tesla’s youth, education, stunning inventions, the “War of the Currents” and his connection to notables of the time like George Westinghouse.

Dr. Lestingi  put together an exciting program on this amazing immigrant who spoke eight languages, produced the first motor that ran on AC current and developed underlying technologies for things that continue to affect our lives today.

Mr. Paul Swisher, retired teacher from North Tonawanda and Director of Education for the Buffalo-Niagara Tesla Council, was on hand to announce the educational celebration of Nikola Tesla’s life and the upcoming unveiling of the Tesla statue in September marking the inventor’s 163rd birthday.

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