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Articles > Colonel Lewis S. Payne for Niagara County Clerk

1865 Article Discovered In Old Victrola
20 Dec 2011

The above document was recently found by a society member, Ann Voisinet, in an old Victrola cabinet, in California. Although the document is undated, it appears to be a political flyer or newspaper advertisement strongly urging the election of then recent Civil War hero, Colonel Lewis S. Payne, to the office of Niagara County Clerk, in 1865. The document cites many letters of commendation from fellow soldiers who knew Col. Payne during the war and extol his valient character. Apparently, the article, and Payne's friends, were successful in their effort; he won the election!

If you wish to see the original document, which is nearly 150 years old, and other Civil War items in our collection, please come visit us at the Historical Society of the Tonawandas Museum.

Ned Schimminger