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Glass ashtray from The Old Colonial Room Isle View, 791 Niagara St.  Donated by Donna  Zellner   Small silver metal tape measure engraved: "The Cramer Hardware Co, Inc., est.1900 No. Tonawanda N.Y."  NT
Three stacks of tickets from the Sugar Bowl, NT  

Salesman's sample of Auto-wheel Coaster wagon.
Donated by Andrew & Evelyn Smith

Three advertising blotters from Voelcker Coal, Rose Coal & Builders, First Trust Company, and Harold's Shoe Store. Donated by Ned Schimminger   Pass book, Check, and Christmas Club envelope from State National Bank of Tonawanda.

One gallon Matthies Dairy Milk bottle, orange embossed: "Drink Milk for Health" - "For Security Buy War Bonds"
Donated by June  Burgler

  One pint milk bottle -Thiele Dairy; red embossed.
Shoe brush with advertising for E. C. Smith Men's and Boy's Outfitter, Webster and Tremont St.   Advertising metal 1 foot ruler from Walker Bros & Monroe (1950s). Donated by Edward Schimminger

Cotton lumber apron: "Build a Modern Home Island Street Lumber Company;" Donated by John Dahl

  Gallon brown ceramic jug with underglaze inscription: "The O. I. Gregory Vinegar Co, Tonawanda N.Y." Made by Sherwood Bros. Pottery, New Brighton, PA.


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