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18 Aug 2012

Phase II of the restoration has begun with the return of the pumper to Tonawanda, NY.

1872 Fire Pumper Returns to Tonawanda, NY.

The truck was in Jasper, NY, to allow the Amish wheelright to restore the vehicle’s box and carriage system. He worked a miracle in that regard, so now it is up to us to finish the job. Ninety percent of the parts are here and await cleaning and refurbishing before assembling the pump’s inner workings. As this phase continues, the final painting and decorative touches wait patiently in the wings.

Donations for the restoration continue to be accepted and a special November drawing is planned to raise funds to complete the project.

Thanks to those Tonawanda firemen, current and retired, who are working on the project. It is hoped that we will be finished in time for the 2013 Firemen’s Parade.