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Thanks, Historical Society of the Tonawandas. I didn't know this!

1 Jun 2013    Clinton Park

Our Annual Flea Market is held in Clinton Park...

30 May 2013    City dedicates new Clinton Park gazebo

See it when you come to our Annual Flea Market during Canal Fest...

30 May 2013    Annual Canal Fest Flea Market

Our Flea Market is definitely an Official Event of Canal Fest, run by the Historical Society of the Tonawandas.

10 Feb 2013    Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal
2 Jan 2013    The Importance of Photo Preservation
29 Nov 2012    A New Coat for Christmas

One of Tonawanda's first citizens, Benjamin Long, would have been proud, and surprised, to know his home was so well preserved...

27 Nov 2012    Focus on Immanuel Lutheran Church

Building of churches occupied attention of Tonawanda people in early days...

14 Nov 2012    War of 1812

The War of 1812 profoundly impacted the Buffalo-Niagara region.

18 Aug 2012    1872 Fire Pumper Returns
12 Aug 2012    Civil War Re-enactors
15 May 2012    Yes, we even have historical artwork!
13 May 2012    Great Railroad Stations
29 Apr 2012    What is a lumber shover?
3 Apr 2012    Homestead Brick Restoration: A Work in Progress
16 Feb 2012    Tribute to Richard E. "Dick" Dutton
9 Feb 2012    All About Mercy Flight Western New York
20 Dec 2011    Colonel Lewis S. Payne for Niagara County Clerk
10 Dec 2011    Elks Lodge 860 Destroyed by Fire
20 Nov 2011    Homestead Christmas 2011

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